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Meet The Farmer

Welcome to Freedom Acres, which is really just an acre of dirt and a dream. I'm Ashley, I started Freedom Acres Flower Farm LLC in 2022 when I finally found what really fed my soul and fell in love with the idea of flower farming. My hands in the dirt, connecting with nature, taking a tiny seed and watching something so beautiful come to life. I'm glad you're here to follow my journey. I'm taking a leap of faith and trusting that God has more in store for me, my two beautiful girls and this little acre.

My new motto, "when life gives you dirt, plant some flowers." Just start. Plant the seed. Pray over that little seed, work hard to nurture it and see how God works! Here, you probably won't find rows and rows of picture perfect blooms, but you will find a momma, barefoot in the garden with dirt under her fingernails, cultivating soil and a happy life. 

"gardening is watching yourself 



go to seed

and be replanted

to grow again in due season"

-yolany winters

About Us: Our Farm
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